Say Yes to Change or Say No to Change?

Throughout my time in business, I have noticed two types of people: those who say “yes” and those who say “no.” People who say no are not open to change. They think they control everything and that if they say “no” they will continue to control everything. Those who say yes understand that they do not control everything and that they need to keep changing to keep growing.

People who are agreeable actually have more control than those who aren’t agreeable because the people you work with are more likely to continue to work with you if you are cooperative and agreeable. If you say no to everyone’s ideas eventually those people will quit. They might even start their own competing company.

I recently heard a story of a man who started his own company because his employer was inefficient. When he told his employer how to be more efficient they ignored him. He then decided to open his own similar company so he could get the job done faster and charge less.

Which kind of person are you?

The word no comes with other words:

Are these words that you use or say daily?

  • refuse
  • deny
  • disapprove
  • oppose
  • renounce
  • disagree
  • reject

The word yes comes with other words also:

  • agree
  • concur
  • affirm
  • favor
  • support
  • validate
  • ratify

What kind of culture do you want to create around you? One where the people around you know you are in control and no one else has any say? Or do you want a culture of abundance, cooperation, and change. You choose.

What words do you use daily?


Teresa Nichols

Online Marketing and Customer Experience Expert supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the Internet!