A Link partner is a company you refer on your website and who does the same for you. It’s a great way to refer companies even if you forget to talk about them on a daily basis.

  • Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.53.42 PMHaving link partners allows the search engines to crawl further into your website.
  • You can choose link partners based on your current business partnerships and networks.
  • If you don’t have control of your website, many webmasters will very gladly help with this process. You just have call and ask how to get a link partner added to your website.
  • You can add a “disclaimer statement” like “We work with the following companies. In our experience they provide a valuable product and or service, but we do not guarantee their work.”
  • There are many ways to add a link to your website:
  1.  Highlight words and click the “link” button, then add the website you want to link.
  2. Add an image to your site and then highlight the image and add a hyperlink.
  3. Here is the code that creates a hyperlink: <a href=”http://www.partnerwebsitehere.com/”>Hyperlink Text On Page goes here</a>
    • Once you have the code on the “code-editing” page of your site you put in the appropriate website and the text you want to show up on your page.
  • CoWhat is a Link Partner?me up with three potential link partners whom you can ask to share links.




If you don’t have a website, start your list of partners and put them on when you get the site. Having a “partners” page in beneficial. You can also use your Facebook page, blog or other social media to share partner links!


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