Website Content Strategy

Your Website is your 24-7 go-to place for someone to learn more about your business. We look at your site like a visitor would look at your site and help you lay out your pages and your content so your visitors can easily find what they need. Sometimes that requires offering multiple ways to get to certain pages or even various search options.

Keyword analysis will often help us determine the best places to start. When your industry changes, your content changes, so we’ll be there to help you add pages and update your message before your competition!

Here are some very important objective to consider as you are building, updating, or moving your website:

  • Is your website responsive or mobile? More and more website visitors are surfing on a mobile device. The search engines are very sensitive to this trend, so they are putting mobile responsive websites at the top of search results. If your website was originally built for desktop computers will have have difficult time getting any search activity and your mobile visitors will either bounce away or have a challenging time navigating your site.
  • Is your website secure? An SSL certificate used to be a “bonus” for most websites, now its baseline. There are several types of SSL certificates, but having at least a basic SSL certificate is recommended for all websites, even ones without shopping carts or logins. The search engines are “calling out” non-secure website, which makes visitors less likely to stay on them. The search algorithms also boost sites that have SSL to the top past ones that don’t.
  • Do you have a secure email for your site? If you are using a gmail, hotmail,  or aol address for your business, you will want to consider getting something more professional. These email addresses were never intended for business use. Just as you can go out and get a free email from these platforms, anyone can, which means someone can impersonate your business pretty easily by getting a similar address, but no one can own the same domain name that you do so, using “” is much more official than using “” You can create official email addresses with the domain name(s) you own. Some hosting companies offer this for free; some charge for this service. These email accounts are much less likely to get hacked. They also uphold the value of your brand much better than an a free email address which is really advertising for Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and/or AOL on your most important collateral.

We are glad to meet with you to discuss your site and your goals! If you want to start preparing for your site updates, check out this post about the many option to consider!