Using Facebook LiveI love Facebook Live! Here’s how it works:
1. On a mobile device, go to your Facebook page and click the publish option, like you’re going to publish a post. (Make sure you are on a reliable network or Wi-fi so your video doesn’t get interrupted.) I use my iPad to do my Facebook Live videos.  I also purchased a microphone to enhance the audio quality which was about $30.
2. You then have several options, click “Live Video.”
3. Your screen will then open up to your camera and you’ll need to situate your camera accordingly so it’s not sideways.
4. Put a useful description on your live video.
5. Hit the live button. You will see a three-second timer before you are live, then begin your video!
6. Facebook will recruit people to watch your video.  it will send messages to people who are you following you and tell them that you are doing a live video.
7.  When you’re done with the video click finish.
8. You can decide to post it so that it’s there like any other post.
9. Your video goes into your video library which can be accessed anytime, so if you said something really awesome in your video you can direct people who didn’t see your video to your video library (which is in your Facebook navigation, just click videos. If it’s visible, click the “More” option and select “Videos.”
10. You can also download your videos and post them on other social media outlets like Youtube.

Your Facebook Video Library

Have fun using Facebook Live to share your videos and create your video library!


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