We are inundated with information that comes from televisions. Screens, for the most part, encourage us to sit and stare and not move. We need to change this standard. we need to use screens for health and movement.

YouTube is doing this in a small way because you can go out to YouTube and search workouts and if you watch one workout it will immediately show you other similar workouts, so instead of keeping you sitting, it’s keeping you moving. That’s not really done on purpose, it’s just that YouTube was originally made to keep you sitting because it just keeps playing similar videos, but when people started putting workout videos on YouTube the nature of YouTube is to keep you watching the videos so it kind of happened by accident.

If you have ever watched SpongeBob you know there’s television out there that is mesmerizing and you watch it for a little while and then you think why am I watching this, it’s not doing anything for me…it’s technicolor…it’s goofy, and in those minutes that you were watching that useless thing, you could’ve been doing something for your body, for your energy, for your mood…for your health and your wellness! The goals of TVs for Health are to share this idea and to put more TVs in places where people can get up and move and feel better and begin to use their bodies as their bodies were meant to be used.

Screens for Good


What if TVs could encourage people to get and stay active?

As your project manager on this project, I will come to your facility measure your facility find out how many screens you need and I will set up a system that will stream “location-appropriate” workouts for the people who are in your space whether they are senior citizens, kids, teens, or people of all ages.

Group fitness is amazing, but it isn’t always practical or possible to hire a person to lead a group fitness class. Screens for Good can stream 24-7!

Great place for TVs for Health:

  • Malls/Shopping Centers
  • Parks
  • Offices
  • Airports
  • Nursing Homes
  • Lobbies
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Waiting rooms

If you want to encourage people to get up and move instead of encouraging people to sit and stare at a screen, contact me…it is possible to use TVs for health!