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True Story: Blocked on Facebook, No way to Communicate

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing.
If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”
Brian Tracy

How important is customer service If you’ve been to the Reveal Marketing Facebook page you will notice that the last post was in October of 2023. Some time in the last 8 months my personal account was disconnected from my page, so I can no longer update it. My personal profile has also been banned from managing Facebook ads. I am not sure what caused these actions, but because the Reveal Marketing Facebook page is no longer connected to my personal profile and there were no other admins for the page, it is just sitting out there looking like I am not updating it of my own freewill.

I have decided not to start a new page because I have no idea why this has happenened and because there is no Facebook tech support or customer service, which is a bad business decision…communication with your customers is not an option for any company. An advertising agency that works with Facebook recommended that I create another personal account so I can manage ads, but this has not worked out. I don’t have another phone number to use, so I get messages regularly asking me to add a phone number to the 2nd account. It is also very hard to manage two accounts. I have two passwords which means I am “double-authenticating” whenever I log in and out.

If anyone from Facebook reads this, please consider:

  • Reconnecting my personal profile to my Facebook pages (Reveal Marketing and Palm2Fist)
  • Reinstating my Facebook Ads account
  • Communicating with you customers, the lifeblood of your company
  • You don’t care about me because I’m not a millionaire, I’m not famous, and I don’t give you a lot of money, so take advice from Internationally Acclaimed Author and Business Coach, Brian Tracy:

Improve Your Customer Service Strategy
Develop a customer sales and service strategy that enables you to get and keep customers for life. This customer service approach does not happen by accident. It requires careful planning, discussion, and training of everyone who deals with your customers. (This is not a mistake, it is written twice) All successful salespeople and businesses are known for how well they treat their customers. All successful salespeople and businesses are known for how well they treat their customers. This must be your goal always.