Strategic Planning and Scenario PlanningAre you postponing your strategic planning activities due to the quarantine? We have a digital system that allows you to complete all or most of your strategic planning online. It also encourages interacting with the plan after the plan has been created. Our system includes:

  1. Branding for your business
  2. Determination of your teams (which may include board members, employees, partners, donors, volunteers, customers) and their participation levels (advisory board, tier one (80% participation), and tier two (voluntary participation)
  3. Building your Online shared environment (Google Drive, One Drive or your preferred platform).
  4. Introductory Email to your participants
  5. SWOT/C (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats/challenges) emails/texts to participants
  6. STEEP (society, technology, environment, economy, politic, law) emails to participants
  7. Hats email to help members consider a variety of viewpoints
  8. Group Update in the drive at milestones
  9. Meeting to go over results (in person or virtual) and choose areas of focus for the strategic plan
  10. Strategic plan and roles shared in the drive
  11. Scenario/Contingency Planning begins
  12. Threats/Challenges are sent to participants to decide which ones to focus on for this phase.
  13. Participants are encourage to send forecasts, “what if” scenarios, and specific details for their role in your organization.
  14. Contributions are compiled and shared in the drive.
  15. Meeting to go over scenario/contingency planning contributions and select 2-3 scenarios.
  16. Scenarios are added to the shared drive.
  17. Members are encouraged to continue to interact with the shared drive with progress updates.

If you would like to discuss this option for your strategic planning initiatives contact us via email at