There are the pros and cons of having a website created or using a hosting/website company to build your website from a template. There are definitely good reasons to “rent” a website, but from my experience, many websites are rented for the wrong reasons. The easiest way to describe is to say “own” or “rent.” Do you want the keys to your website?

What does it mean to “rent” a website?

When you pay a small monthly fee for a website that includes hosting you are “renting” a website. I call it renting Are you Renting a Website? because if you were to stop paying the monthly fee your website would eventually be erased. These companies do not “give you” your code if you stop paying, they may keep your code for 30 or 60 days, but ultimately they will delete your code and you will not be able to start from where you left off. Some companies also offer a “storage” option, but you still pay for your site even though it’s not live. These platforms do not allow you to “move” your website to another host because their systems are proprietary. They are not interchangeable. If you decide to use Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy Website builder, Square Space or, Instapages you are using a proprietary program that will not allow you to move your site to another host. There are good reasons to use this kind of set up:

  1. Your site is temporary – You only need it for a short amount of time and you don’t mind if it shuts down at some point. There are reasons to have a temporary website, such as a one-time event or short-term offer
  2. You need a website while your website is being built. You can move your domain name, so it is possible to start with one of these websites and move your domain name once you have your custom site built.

What does it mean to “own” a website?

When you own your website you are either building it yourself or paying someone else to build it for you. This doesn’t Learn the difference between owning and renting a websitemean you have to build it from scratch with code, although it is an option. Many website builders start with something Like WordPress or Joomla. They choose a design or theme that will work well for your needs. There are similar “drag-and-drop” options as with the “rented” websites above, so it doesn’t have to be complicated, but the more custom you want your website, the more “development” work will need to be done.  When you “own” a website, it’s yours for good. Even if you stop paying, you can take your code and move it somewhere else. If you leave a site on a host and don’t pay the host might purge your code, but there will be communication before this happens. If you have complete access to your code you can back it up and move it to your computer or some other holding place. It can be live or it can be just stored. You may have to pay for hosting (or if you have your own server, you can host it yourself).

So before you “rent” a website, ask yourself what will be the best scenario for you and your site in the future!

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Teresa Nichols

Online Marketing and Customer Experience Expert supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the Internet!

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