The Fibro LadyI met Leah about a year and a half ago. I immediately recognized that she did not have fibromyalgia. I did not see her with fibromyalgia, so I wasn’t sure that she ever actually had it. I asked her if she had any photos, but there weren’t that many. This made sense to me, because when we’re sick we don’t want our photo taken…right?

I started working with Leah to help her create a newsletter and to keep her website up to date. Leah wrote a book about her recovery . So what has helped Leah grow her business? I have my own thoughts:

  • Leah is out in the community. How many people does a company have to reach to hit “critical mass?” I think 50,000 is a good number. If you aren’t buying a television ad or a highway billboard, you’ve got to get out and meet people. Leah is really good at doing that. She runs a couple fibromyalgia support groups locally and presents at events that make sense for your products and services.
  • Leah always has a plan. Whenever we meet, Leah has written plan of what she wants to discuss. She is focused and driven.
  • Leah is great at building her list. A little over a year ago, she had no list; now she has over 1000 interested contacts on her list (many from her in-person activities).
  • Leah always looks for new ways to promote her business. On January 26, her World Telesummit is airing! She reached out to many of the experts that helped her recover through their experiences, books and practices. She interviewed them and will be sharing all the interviews through this online event!  If you have fibromyalgia or another chronic condition or you are just interested in natural health options, you should sign up!

Recover from Chronic Conditions!

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