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Planning for a Successful PPC Campaign

Get a Winning PPC CampaignA winning Pay-Per-Click (SEM) campaign must consider the following questions:

  • How many new clients do we need to obtain from our PPC campaign per month?
  • How many inquiries do we need to obtain to reach our new client goal? (Your Conversion Rate)
  • How many clicks on our PPC ad do we need to reach the number of inquiries we need? (This will be a guess at first and depends on how well your website converts. Changes can be made to increase the likelihood that a visitor will become a lead.)
  • How many impressions do we need to reach the number of clicks we need? (Average is 2% clickthrough rate)
  • How much per click are the keywords you want to purchase? (We do research to find this number out for you.)

This will give you a good idea of how much your PPC budget should be.

Once you figure out how much you will budget  for your paid keywords, you will want to prepare your campaign:

  • Choose landing pages that help your visitors find what they are looking for as quickly as possible (because if you send them to the wrong place they will be less likely to convert.) The landing page must have a very short URL so it fits in this space. It also must meet the search engine’s guidelines.
  • Choose a message for your description that will entice searchers to click through.
  • Make sure the message and the landing page work together well.

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