ideas for business

You are so close to your work that sometimes it’s challenging to create. Inviting someone with a neutral viewpoint can help. Some ideas are costly to implement while others can be implemented without any financial investment at all. Sometimes an amazing idea is right under your nose! Here are some ways you can get ideas for your next business push:

  1. Ask your customers. These people have a very valuable view of your business. While you might not consider this strategy at first and while their ideas may seem impractical, try to find ways to make them work. Sometimes they aren’t as odd as they may first seem.
  2. Ask your business partners and vendors. What if there was a way to make something easier between processes. Your vendors, distributors, resellers, affiliates, manufacturers, partners, are amazing resources who have a vested interest in your success. Listening to them could create new ways to work together.
  3. Observe your competitors. How can you get a “leg up.” On your competition? What are they developing? What are their objectives?
  4. Your stifled ideas. Don’t discount your ideas. There could be a way to implement even the craziest idea!
  5. An objective third party. Reveal Marketing Partners can help you think clearly about what’s next for your business. We can help you obtain information from your customers, partners, and competitors. We also offer strategic planning to help you plan 5, 10, 15, 20 years into the future!

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