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Why and how to Avoid High Pressure Sales

Cold calls, objections, tie down questions,high pressure sales buy-in,  all of these are high pressure sales tactics that are not new. They’ve been around for years. It doesn’t matter how many of them you want to use they won’t guarantee a sale…here’s why:

  1. People…human beings do not want to be “talked into” doing something. These tactics are being used across many industries. They are repeated sometimes daily in varying scenarios. If you think your prospects aren’t “hip” to these methods you’re wrong.
  2. People know their personal finances.  Financial situations are different for every person. Generally you can tell if someone truly does not have the money for what you are selling. If the prospect does not have the money but buys because they feel pressured then you have a worse problem…defaulting on the contract, freeze requests, collections, drama. Usually not a good outcome.
  3. People want to do business with people the “know, like, and trust.” High pressure sales tactics do not create this kind of connection. Businesses that use high pressures sales tactics are just wanting to transfer money from one pocket to another. They don’t have good intentions.
  4. People have hundreds if not thousands of options and must make choices everyday. If there are children involved they have even more responsibilities and could experience unforeseen emergencies.
  5. People don’t want to push people into buying. Your sales staff would rather not have to beat objections and push someone into buying when they aren’t ready. High pressure sales training is extensive because it isn’t in our nature to continue to break people down. If a good relationship and comfortable rapport are the end goal, sales shouldn’t be one-sided.

So, what are the alternatives to high pressure sales?

  1. Market your services instead of selling them – get in front of and find more people who can afford and need your services.
  2. Change your pricing structure – what if you offered more flexible contracts? What if you offered a sliding scale? What if you didn’t have weird terms in your agreement?
  3. Listen to your customers – What do they want? What do they think about your sales process? What are your numbers saying? How many people default on their contract? How many people want a refund?
  4. Advertise better – Create messages that will resonate with people. High Pressure sales is a short term solution to a long term problem. Finding creative ways to advertise are much better options for the customer and the staff. Insurance is one of the most boring purchases anyone has to make, but when insurance companies started finding humor they changed the paradigm. How can you change the paradigm in your industry?
  5. Qualify your leads – I recently attending a training that encouraged giving the price of the product/service during the phone call and asking if the the price is in their budget…novel idea! Why try to sell to someone who cannot afford your service?
  6. Build relationships – networking and  community involvement are much more effective than high pressure sales.
  7. Know your customers – the better you understand your customers the better you can serve them.
  8. Take time – By investing in your process you can create more success in the long term.

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