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Is Your Message Spreading: How the Coronavirus can work FOR your business?

Coronavirus Impact: Spread Your Message

It might seem like the bans placed due to the Coronavirus will have a negative impact on your business, but it doesn’t have to! There are ways to make it work in your favor. Here are a few things to remember:

  1. The people who need your products/services are still out there.
  2. There are many ways you can communicate with them.

The Internet is a viable place to stay connected with your audience whether it be through online ordering, social media, commerce, videos, or web conferencing, you can create an online presence that will keep your customers engaged! The Coronavirus will pass, but your web presence will live on and your customers will appreciate being able to stay connected.


Selling your products/services online can have a serious impact on your business. We have clients that sell courses, training, audio files, and shippable products. Selling online can open your business to customers all over the world.


If you don’t already have an email strategy, this is great time to start one. Your customers want to know what’s going on. I received emails from several restaurants explaining how they will be operating during this time! If you aren’t collecting emails, definitely start. Your email list is Yours and Yours alone…not like your Facebook follower list which really belongs to Facebook. If you do send emails, your list is waiting for you to announce how you are moving forward!

Social Media

If you already have a social media strategy, that ‘s great! Keep it up. Post more. Do live videos. Show your fans that you have not given up. Express your ongoing enthusiasm for your business!


Do you have a visual product/service. Do you make amazing food or beautiful art? You can use Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or even TikTok to keep sharing your creations! There are many people at home surfing the web. Don’t let them down!


Maybe you can’t meet “in person,” but it doesn’t mean you can’t meet “face-to-face.” There are many free and low cost program that can help you continue to grow your business via the Internet. Don’t lose momentum just because you can’t meet at restaurant.

If you need to update your website or create a fresh web presence, contact us! We can help you create a “coronavirus” proof strategy for your business!

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