What Should I Blog About: Best Keywords for Blogging

If you have a blog and social media pages, you are probably like many others who dread posting, but it’s not for lack of blog-worthy topics or writing skill. Why most people hate blogging is because they don’t know what to blog about…they don’t know the best keywords for blogging, but we can help with that!Get your Best Keywords for blogging

So why is it so hard to choose a topic?

~You are an expert in your industry, but you don’t realize many others do not know what you know.

~You have so much going on, that you have a difficult time narrowing down your subject matter.

~You aren’t sure which topics are going to be the best received by those searching online.

~You have very little time to focus on not only what you are going to write, but also what topic you are going to chose.

This service is your best friend.

What if you could receive an email each month telling you your best keywords for blogging and posting?

Reveal Marketing will do the research for you every month and send you a keyword that will be timely and interesting. This keyword will not only resonate with your target market, it will also earn you more authority on the search engines because the search engines want to give searchers the best possible search results, so if your blog is about highly searched topics, you will attract more search activity when you use the what the search engines determine to be the best keywords for blogging.

Your monthly Reveal blog keyword can be used for:

  • Your monthly blog
  • Your weekly blog (separate your topic into 4 subtopics)
  • Adding pertinent pages to your website
  • Creating interactive tools on your site
  • Social Media posting
  • Promotions

You are an expert in your industry, so you can use your knowledge and experience to put your own personal touch on your blog with the help of these keywords. If the topic is a substantial topic in your industry, it may need an entire page on your site or even a survey or a tool associated with you. We encourage you to use your best keywords as you see fit.

Try one keyword for $29.95 or sign up for 6 months worth for $24.95 or 12 months for $19.95. Your keyword will be chosen based on search engine keyword research and trends, NOT on what we think to be a good keyword. We think you will find you can do much more with one keyword than you realize. Try it!

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